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What is Future State Consulting?

A “Future State” is easy to define, but difficult to attain.

In other words, as a business, it’s simple to say what you want to be, but rather more difficult to demonstrate.

Right now, across NZ, there are CEOs, CMOs and MDs who completely understand that they need to be “more digital”. Be it in the way the business communicates with consumers and staff, the tools used within the business, the way that data is handled, analysed and used, or the way that their products and services are being marketed and sold. But defining this future is hard and inconstant, and mapping out how to get there is even harder.

Agencies; both media and to a lesser extent creative and digital agencies are definitely at the sharp end of digital transformation but are still remunerated and focused on execution and reporting, not on the macro objectives of a business. A year is a long time in digital, and it is therefore vital to have one eye on the now and another on the future.

This is where we see the role of Future State Consulting. Our aim, very simply is to help define where you want your business to get to, in the digital domain, and then develop a roadmap of how to get there. This could take weeks, months or even years, but we’ll be there throughout the journey. Ensuring that you are on track, celebrating the wins and learning from the failures. We also see our role as ensuring any course corrections happen quickly and with minimum discussion. This could be industry changes such as the GDPR legislation coming into effect in May 2018, technological shifts such as AI and voice, platform shifts such as DMPs, Google 360, or economic changes such as the effect Amazon will have on local retailers.

Given our extensive industry experience and contacts we can also help in finding the agency partners that will assist in achieving your goals, ensure that you have the transparency and clarity across your digital buying that you expect, and that you have the agency team you need at a cost that incentivises and drives performance.

We see our role as driving genuine value into your business at all levels, and are confident that by having us on your team we will help drive innovation as well as reducing wastage and most importantly driving revenue.

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