Agency Relationship Consultancy

ADDING VALUE To your media relationships

Media has changed beyond recognition in the past decade, with paid digital media driving change across the industry, but one thing that remains consistent is that media is still most businesses single biggest investment in marketing. With this, significant challenges have appeared especially around transparency, metrics, viewability, ad fraud and ultimately the erosion in trust.

We are focused on optimising our clients’ digital media spend.

That means ensuring their media investment is delivering the results they want. This could mean anything from ensuring they are using the right metrics, making sure they have the right agencies and tech partners, to reviewing performance elements in their contracts, to taking their media in-house.

We do this by working with the client and their agencies and suppliers to capitalise on transparency and deliver maximum value and performance.

Performance Assessment

We work with our clients to review their current digital media processes for all their paid media (including SEO) needs. We review advertiser and agency processes, contractual arrangements, remuneration, performance metrics and more to identify where media value and performance is being lost.

Media Agency Selection

In NZ there is a real desire to house all media in a single agency. However, these agencies often lack deep specialism in one or more areas. We help you understand truly what you require from an agency relationship, and then help you source the right agency(ies) for your needs. This can lead to full media pitch or assisting in finding specialist agencies to support your Agency of Record.

Remuneration Assessment

Are you still paying your media agency on commission? Are you getting value for your fee? Are your fees open and transparent? Do you want to incentivise your media agency to deliver better results/value? We review your agency fee structure in relation to your business goals, and also identify ways you can improve the value of your remuneration model or show you how to use it to improve media value and performance.

Bringing In-House

We are able to provide clients with an assessment of what it would require moving to an in-house media model or to assess the performance of your current in-house media function. We provide independent assessment and advice to assist with the process of developing an in-house media function or to diagnose and optimise your in-house media function.